Metals Capabilities

Menardi’s objective is to help you meet your operational goals through optimum baghouse & dust collection efficiency and performance, while meeting all state and federal requirements.
Replacement Parts & Accessories for All OEM Pulse Jet, Shaker, & Reverse Air Collectors

► Fiberglass and Woven Filter Bags
► Pulse Jet Filter Bags
► Reverse Air Filter Bags
► High Temperature Filter Bags
► Seamless Continuous Knit Filter Bags
► Mikrotex® PTFE Membrane
► Pleated Filters and Cartridges
► Cages, Wire Retainers
► Venturis and Clamps
► Blowpipes
► Door Seals and Gasketing
► Pre-coat Powder
► Leak Detection System
► Tensioning Devices / Hanging Assemblies

► Pressure Gauges (Magnehelic® / Photohelic®)
► Diaphragm Valves & Repair Kits (Asco® / Goyen®)
► Solenoid Valves & Repair Kits (Asco® / Goyen®)
► Emissions Monitoring Devices
► Sequential Controllers / Timer Boards
► Acoustic Horns
► Baghouse Troubleshooting & Maintenance Services
► Complete Filter Bag Changeouts
► Inspections, System Conversion, Rebuilds
► Tubesheet Fabrication & Installations
► Failed Filter Bag Testing
► Efficiency and Permeability Testing
► Particle Distribution Analysis



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Menardi has implemented precautions to protect our employees, customers & communities. Our plant is fully operational and we remain committed to providing the best quality, products & service. Read our Managing Director's letter.