Rotary Drum Filters

Rotary Drum Filters

The rotary vacuum drum filter (RVDF) is one of the oldest filters applied to industrial liquid filtration. A rotary drum filter resembles a large drum on its side. Half of the drum is submerged in the slurry, with the other half above it. The filter cloth winds around the drum and as the drum rotates, the slurry is sucked into the cloth. As the drum rotates out of the slurry, the cake is dried. This drying is caused by the vacuum continuously being drawn through the cake in the exposed section of the drum. At the end of the rotation cycle, at approximately a three o'clock position, the filter cake will be discharged and the process repeats itself. The filters may incorporate a drum cloth that is caulked onto the drum itself, or they may utilize an endless belt which tracks off and discharges away from the drum.

Typical Applications:

The filter drum cover media selection is of great importance to maintain filtration quality while taking care of the rigorous cleaning done through scrapping. Menardi provides the best quality filters in polyester, nylon, and polypropylene for varied applications. We also develop speciality fabrics for difficult applications based on process requirements. Options include side envelopes for cords or springs, raw edge blankets, and clipper, Velcro® and Velcro fishmouth closures.

Discharge Methods:

Rotary Drum Filter Belt Discharge
Belt Discharge
Rotary Drum Filter Precoat Discharge
Precoat Discharge
Rotary Drum Filter Roller Discharge
Roller Discharge
Rotary Drum Filter Scraper Discharge
Scraper Discharge
Rotary Drum Filter String Discharge
String Discharge