Filter Bags and Cages

Filter Bags

Choosing the correct media for your baghouse requires the review of your baghouse operation and the analysis of the gas stream.  The filtration fabric you select should be provide maximum filtration efficiency, clean ability and provide meet your goals for operational life. 

Menardi offers a full range of fabrics and our technical support team is available to help you determine the best fabric for your application.  In addition to the fabric, there are different finish options.   By reviewing your operating parameters, we can help determine which finish is best for you.

Creating the manufacturing specification for your filter bags is equally important.   It is important that your specification is written to optimize the filter bag, rather than to allow short cuts in manufacturing that can reduce the quality of the filter bag. 

We offer technical training and other tools which will help you determine the correct fabric, finish and to help create a specifiation that supports your operational goals.

Contact us today and we will help you select filter bags with the properties best suited for your application or click this link to review fabric and finish information.