Air Filtration Products

Menardi Filters  manufacture and supply filter bags for practically any application and for nearly ANY OEM style baghouse.  Do you have the proper filters for your industrial air filtration system? Look through our products below or contact us to help you choose the most efficient and cost effective filter for your dust collector.

Filter Bags and Cages
Filter Bags

Menardi Filter Bags and Cages


Pleated  Filters
Cartridge Filters

Menardi manufactures high quality cartridge filters of virtually any size, style, configuration, and capacity to acheive optimal filtration performance for nearly any dust collector. Contact our experienced experts today and they can help you select cartridges with the properties best suited for your needs.

Filter Media Treatments

Make sense of the variety of filtration fabrics, finishes, and coatings offered by Menardi Filters.

Baghouse Accessories
Baghouse Accessories

Baghouse Dust Collector Accessories