Shaker baghouse dust collectors

Shaker Baghouse Dust Collectors

Shaker collectors are the oldest form of baghouses, collecting dust on the inside of the filter bag. The housing usually consists of two or more compartments in order to allow one compartment to be taken off-line for cleaning. The filter bags hang vertically in rows and the bag tops are closed, allowing them to be attached to the shaking mechanism across the width of the collector. The bottom of the bags are open and are attached to a cell plate.

Dirty air enters the baghouse and is collected on the inside of the bag. The build up of dust holds the bag open. To begin cleaning, the damper closes and the shaker mechanism moves, creating a sine wave that begins at the top and ripples down the length of the filter bag. The dustcake is released and falls into the hopper below. The majority of the dust is removed within the first five to ten seconds of cleaning.

Shaker cleaning refers to the cleaning of dust from the inside the tubular filter media bags by means of mechanical shaking bag supports. Most use rows of 5" or 8" bags with the "strap-top" or "cap-top" supported by either a shaker or rocker shaft. In the former case, the shaking motion involves relatively more vertical motion than the latter case. With respect to bag enclosure and attachment to the tubesheet, shaker bags are similar to reverse air baghouses.

Shaker Baghouse Filter Gate ClosedShaker Baghouse Filter Gate Open