Reverse air baghouse dust collectors

Reverse Air Baghouse Dust Collectors

In a reverse air baghouse, the dirty air flows from the inside-to-outside, so that the dust collects on the inside of the filter bag. The filter bags are tubular, open at the bottom and connected to a tubesheet. They are supported from the top through a spring or J-bolt suspension system. The gas flow is reversed to initiate filter bag cleaning. Anti-collapse rings are sewn onto the outside of the bags at 3 to 4 foot intervals to prevent total collapse of the bags during the reverse air cleaning. Filter bags are cleaned one compartment at a time in the off-line mode.

Typical Reverse Air Filter Bag Tension

5" diameter 35 lbs.
8" diameter 50 lbs.
11.5" diameter 50 lbs. (Polyester)
11.5" diameter 75 lbs. (Fiberglass)