Kaolin plants are known for their safety precautions and have even been recognized by the Mine, Safety, & Health Administration (MSHA) as having one of the best mine safety records in the country. They are also known by their strict dedication to a quality product, while still being able to attain high production (tonnage) with very little loss. Rotary Vacuum Drum Filters are the primary method of liquid/solid separation, which is a key production process. Shaker, pulse-jet, and cartridge type collectors are common in the dry process section of this industry, which is primarily for nuisance dust and plant emission reduction.

Kaolin plants are located primarily in Georgia USA along a fall line that starts in Columbus, runs through Macon, and ends in Augusta, less than 20 miles from Menardi's manufacturing facility and worldwide headquarters. Menardi has extensive experience in this industry supplying drum filters for liquid/solid separation and dry filtation products for the Spray Dryer, Crusher, Calcine, and Silo sections of the plants.

Common process problems:

Menardi products/services used to help eliminate these problems:

Example Application
The three key factors that must be addressed in order to assure optimum production of the kaolin clay from the liquid slurry are the production rate, the percent of solids in the filtrate, and the cake release properties. Production (tonnage) rates had dropped across the board resulting in lost production and less production capacity. Kaolin slurry applications require a high quality, consistent, appropriately treated felt to maintain all the aspects of slurry production. Menardi's premium felt bathed in our proprietary oleophobic treatment helped to increase production rates, give excellent cake release, along with maintaining the proper filtrate levels.