Keeping all the processes running, producing a quality product in a timely manner, and meeting EPA emission standards is a challenge for the cement industry. Oftentimes, when things go wrong, baghouses are the first suspect. And in the cement plant, there are plenty of them.

Whether a plant is having moisture/hydrolysis problems in the raw or finish mill baghouses or experiencing temperature excursions in the kiln or clinker cooler baghouses, Menardi offers solutions through superior filtration products and over 45 years experience in this industry. We want to help keep your baghouses running and your plant producing.

Menardi has applied filtration solutions to Raw Mill, Kiln, Clinker Cooler, and Finish Mill processes with system problems such as:

Menardi products and services that have solved such problems include:

Example Applications
Menardi was able to help a customer get new life out of their old Kiln dust collector, which was much in need of repair. Our field service technicians refurbished the collector to ensure that it was in good mechanical shape. At the same time, more draft was needed through the kiln. With the installation of Menardi's SDF® proprietary fiberglass filter media, we were able to increase airflow without the expense of a PTFE product, allowing the plant to achieve its production and financial goals.

With Menardi's innovative patented FEMA™ equipment, we can simulate your finish mill dust collector process and determine what filter media is the most suited for your process. A cement customer supplied us with process dust collected at the inlet of their finish mill, along with gas flow and grain loading data. Our initial step was to run a particle size analysis on the dust. We then set up our equipment to simulate their actual baghouse operation and ran their mill dust through the FEMA using our polyester standard felt, micro denier felt, and expanded PTFE felt. The best choice in their case turned out to be our micro denier polyester felt. After making this recommendation to the plant, they have seen "membrane-like" performance without the expense of PTFE products.