Liquid Filtration for Pulp and Paper

It is critical in the chemical pulping process that the caustic used to dissolve the pulp be recovered due to environmental and economic considerations. If a plant utilizes pressure vessels for recausticization, they will need to properly control the clarity of the liquor coming off the units. This can be accomplished by using candle filter bags with different finishes and membranes. The cake dryness off of the lime mud and Dreggs filters is important due to the high cost of energy used to dry the lime in the kiln. Below is a partial list of areas in which Menardi has supplied filtration expertise to solve problems:

Common problems Menardi liquid filtration products solve:

Menardi liquid filtration products/services for pulp and paper:

Example Liquid Filtration Application
A Pulp & Paper customer was looking for a Rotary Vacuum Drum filter cloth for a lime mud filter equal to his current that would provide him with a cost savings. Menardi supplied a woven polypropylene cloth at approximately one half the price he was paying previously. The customer realized, upon use, that not only was he seeing a up-front savings, our cloth also gave him approximately a 2% dryer cake. This 2% translated into thousands (actually hundreds of thousands) of dollars in energy cost annually. The weave pattern in the cloth we supplied allowed for better liquid evacuation, permitting the dry cake.