Air Filtration for Silicas

Silica plants employ a number of dust collector systems ranging from calciner venting to mills, packaging, and storage bin ventilation. These dust collector systems are often required to operate at loads and have high potential health hazards associated with emissions. Menardi offers high efficiency dust collection filters and accessories that meet these demands. Our proprietary designs and engineered filter media are proven in these tough applications. Below is a partial list of areas in which Menardi has supplied filtration technology:

Common problems Menardi air filtration products solve:

Menardi air filtration product solutions for Silicas:

Example Dust Collection Application
This industry employs both nuisance and product recovery dust collection systems and often requires high efficiency and high temperature filter media designed to ensure against production losses. Costs associated with plant down-time in these applications are critical and can range to the hundreds of thousands of dollars per day. Maximizing production time and collection efficiency is paramount.

Menardi offers Mikrotex® high efficiency PTFE membrane laminates and engineered fabric finishes that provide solutions to recovery and cleaning problems. Mikro-Pleat™pleated filters, which provide increased filter area, are also available in order to lower pressure losses associated with production increases. FDA approved sonic horns are available to assist in powder transfer without the negative effects of shakers and vibrators.