Zinc Smelting

Zinc smelting and product recovery are challenging applications because of the chemical makeup of the gas stream, temperature excursions, and characteristics of particles and dust cake. One will find that zinc oxide processes will demand premium filter media and finishes. Shaker, pulse-jet, and shake-deflate are common in most Zinc plants. Environmental control and process control are equally important, so this industry invests a great deal of capital to attain the best results. Below is a partial list of areas in which Menardi has supplied filtration expertise to solve operation problems:

Common problems that have been solved with Menardi's solution oriented products:

Menardi products and services that have solved problems:

Example Application
Due to the environmental and process control requirements of the Zinc Industry, diagnostic equipment has been vital to maintain baghouses. Our PulsePro™diagnostic system and Mikro-Charge™ Leak Detector provide much needed support. The PulsePro combines a pulse by demand timer with fully diagnostic control electronics. The system has features for monitoring pulse valve operation, compressed air leaks and timer operation. The unit's compatibility with PLC and DCS control systems allows for complete automation and alarm monitoring. Integrating the PulsePro control with our Mikro-Charge filter bag leak gauge lowers the risks associated with dust discharge or emissions by indicating the exact row of a leaking bag. Our PulsePro and Mikro-Charge does the work for you and allows you to spend time on other important projects, while reducing your maintenance costs.