Steel Recycling

Steel Mini-Mills (also known as Recycle Plants) have enjoyed success by using recycled scrap to manufacture various steel products such as rebar, hot rolled carbon and alloy, angles, rounds, channels, flats, and wide-flange structural beams, billets, wire, rods, and pipes. Mini-Mills usually have a primary baghouse that collects emissions from an electric arc furnace melt shop. Secondary baghouses are used off the ladle metal furnace, and canopy evacuation. Menardi has supplied several turnkey jobs in the industry including polyester knit and woven bags, spring assemblies for tensioning, pre-coat, and bag changeout services. We have also performed several on-site seminars for key accounts. Below is a partial listing of areas in which Menardi has used their solution-oriented products to solve operational problems in the Mini-Mill industry:

Common problems solved by our products:

Menardi products and services that have solved problems in the Mini-Mill industry:

Example Application
A major problem with Reverse Air baghouses filtering EAF particulate is heavy dust agglomeration inside the metal thimble. The agglomeration can become so heavy that the thimble develops a rat hole causing poor dust distribution. This causes poor dust evacuation in the melt shop area. Also filter bags become completely full of dust because the rat holes prevent proper dust discharge during the cleaning cycle. Through our Service Department, Menardi has retrofitted baghouses with thimble-less tubesheets completely eliminating potential thimble rat hole problems, and dramatically improving the efficiency of keeping the melt shop clean.