Lead Smelting

Lead smelting plants are known for their independent and self-evaluated safety requirements. This is necessary because of the hazardous content of lead particulate. Pulse-Jet, Shaker, Reverse Air, and Horizontal Cartridge units are all very prominent in the industry. Expanded PTFE membrane, Micro-Denier and other high performance filter media components are used to maximize operation. Another requirement is to minimize down-time due to safety and production concerns. Below is a partial list of areas where Menardi has supplied filtration technology:

Common problems solved with Menardi products:

Menardi products that have solved problems in Lead applications:

Example Application
Premature bag failure has occurred when dust particulate has penetrated generic filter media causing high differential pressures, high opacity, and eventual premature bag removal. Lead baghouse applications require premium dust collection and dust cake removal. Mikrotex® is our expanded PTFE membrane laminate that offers the best results for baghouse efficiency in the industry. Mikrotex allows you to operate a baghouse at high air-to-cloth ratios without premature bag failure by allowing clean air to pass through thousands of sub-micron pores. Mikrotex technology dramatically increases throughput, which will increase and save energy expended from fans. Mikrotex can be applied to all woven, felt, or pleated substrates, and can be used for all types of baghouse cleaning mechanisms.

Another product that has yielded great results is our Micro-Denier technology. Micro-Denier is the new generation of felt technology that can decrease differential pressure and increase flow by capturing particulate on the surface with sub-denier (less than one) fibers and creating an equally distributed dust cake. This minimizes dust penetration, and offers expanded efficiency. Both Mikrotex and Micro-Denier have increased baghouse efficiency and filter bag life.