The Foundry Industry is a well-established market that is considered the backbone for many industries, including the automobile market. Foundries are self-supported plants that utilize baghouses for several applications. Pulse-jet, shaker, and horizontal cartridge baghouses are prominent in most foundry applications. Menardi is a direct manufacturer of filter bags for any style collector. It is critical to work with a filtration supplier that will custom manufacture filters for your specific requirements. Below is a partial list of areas in which Menardi has supplied filtration expertise to solve operational problems:

Common problems that have been solved with our solution-oriented products:

Menardi products and services that have solved problems in the Foundry industry:

Example Application
Hopper evacuation has been a constant problem for foundry baghouse applications. Material with the tendency to agglomerate collects on hopper sidewalls, then bridges over the discharge, thus stopping evacuation. This will cause hoppers to fill up with dust, and eventually cause dust to re-entrain onto the filter bags. High differential pressures followed by dust penetration into the filter media can cause emissions during the cleaning cycle.

An easy solution is to mount a sonic horn in the hopper, and allow the horn's low frequency sound vibrations to fluidize the dust, and allow it to flow freely from the hopper discharge. In many instances our sonic horns have been utilized as the primary cleaning mechanisms, allowing maintenance personnel to remove hard-to-maintain shakers.