Ferro Silica

This industry's process particulate is very unique and requires state-of-the-art filter media and baghouse expertise. Menardi is a global leader in the industry by supplying baghouse components throughout Europe, North America, and South America. Micro Silica has turned baghouse dust from a nuisance into a product. The Ferro Silica industry is now considered a process controlled industry because product is collected from the baghouse to be sold to the market. Most baghouses use Reverse Air, Shaker, or Shake-Deflate cleaning units. Due to aggressive melting practices most plants require high-temperature filter media. Below is a partial list of areas in which Menardi has supplied filtration expertise to solve operation problems:

Common problems that have been solved with our solution oriented products:

Menardi products and services that have solved problems:

Example Application
A problem in the Ferro Silica industry is the need to cool the inlet gas stream before it reaches the baghouse. The problem is two-fold because introduction of dilution air dampers into the duct work compromises furnace draft. However, if dilution air is not introduced, filter media is unable to withstand extreme temperature and will fail prematurely.

A common baghouse used in the industry is a Shake-Deflate system, which cleans filter bags by shaking and introduces reverse air pressure to flex the bags. This type of baghouse is limited to specific fabrics, and cannot use fiberglass media because fiberglass is not durable under shaking cycles. Through our Service Department, Menardi has converted Shake-Deflate baghouses into Reverse Air cleaning units. Reverse air cleaning is ideal for the use of fiberglass media. By using fiberglass filter bags that can operate with temperature excursions of over 550°F (288°C), the need to use dilution air to cool the gas stream is minimized, or even eliminated. The superior draft from the furnace without dilution air yields higher production rates.