Copper Smelting

The Copper industry is heavily regulated for particulate emissions. Menardi is a leading supplier of liquid and gas filtration for this industry. There are filter requirements from the mining, transportation, crushing, flotation, leaching, and smelting of copper. Due to the presence of sulfate and nitric acid, this industry requires filter media to be resistant to specific chemical/acid attacks. The primary process for baghouse particulate is smelting, also known as converting. Due to various smelting practices, the baghouse gas stream temperature can also vary. Below is a partial list of areas in which Menardi has supplied filtration expertise to solve operational problems:

Common problems that have been solved with our solution-oriented products:

Menardi products that have solved process problems:

Example Application
A common problem with Copper Smelting filtering occurs in all three types of cleaning styles: pulse-jet, reverse air, and shaker. There are times when excessive air velocity at the inlet of a baghouse can cause many problems. Heavy build-up in the inlet area can cause blinding of the bags. Copper's abrasive particulate can cause premature wear to the filter media and baghouse components. Ultimately, the excessive turbulence caused by such a condition will cause dust to be re-entrained in the gas stream, to filter over and over again.

Menardi has installed our Cascadair™ inlet diffuser, which evenly distributes the incoming gas flow by uniformly diverting a portion of the gas at each of a number of successive plates. Each plate has a large abrasion resistant impact area in the path of the gas stream, yet offers minimal horizontal surface, preventing material build up. This design promotes premium bag life by minimizing re-entrainment of previously collected dust, and by distributing gas flow evenly.