The Aluminum industry is considered a process-controlled industry, but it is also heavily regulated for particulate emissions. Alumina dust is very fine and abrasive, and requires state-of-the-art filter media. The industry spends a great deal of capital on baghouse maintenance and equipment that monitors baghouse performance. Menardi is a leading supplier of filtration for both liquid and gas processes. Reduction plants are unique to the Aluminum industry utilizing particulate transfer through fluidized beds. Pulse-jet and Shaker baghouses are commonly used in the reduction process. There are hundreds of baghouses ranging from very small to very large units. Below is a partial list of areas in which Menardi has supplied filtration expertise to solve problems:

Common problems that have been solved with our solution oriented products:

Menardi products and services that have solved problems:

Example Application
Due to increased ventilation of pot room and carbon bake processes, and the need to increase the efficiency of scrubbing, Menardi has installed thousands of Mikro-Pleat elements in the Aluminum industry throughout the world. Pleated element technology offers dramatically increased cloth area through pleat formation versus felt bag/cage assemblies. Our Mikro-Pleat, using durable spun-bonded media, has increased filter life by offering increased cloth area, improved particulate capture, and enhanced dust release.