Production control is key in the Aluminum Industry. The baghouses collect the materials produced, which will be sold for commercial use or be recycled in the plant and reused. Menardi has worked closely with this industry for over fifty years to design and produce filtration products that provide the maximum efficiency they require.

Copper Smelting

Copper Smelting is another industry that is heavily regulated for emissions. In processing the ore, arsenic and sulphur are present in large amounts, and in the secondary copper smelting area emissions of HCl, HF, SOX and heavy metals become more of a concern. Menardi has been serving this industry for over fifty years in providing engineering support and design to address the special filtration requirements with Mikrotex® PTFE membrane, Mikro-Pleat™ pleated filters, felt and woven filter bags, as well as replacement parts and services.

Ferro Silica

The Ferro-Silica Industry is typically heavily regulated for emissions as a result of some of the by-products present in the process. Ferro-Silica is also a product collection process, using elevated temperatures to produce materials that are used in the processes of Steel, Chemical, and other companies. Menardi provides these plants high temperature filter bags, such as fiberglass and aramid, as well asMikrotex® PTFE membrane products.


The foundry industry is a well-established market that is considered the backbone for many industries, including the automobile market. Fabric filter dust collectors of the pulse-jet, shaker, and horizontal cartridge type are prominent in most foundry applications.

Integrated Steel

This market continues to be the workhorse industry. To service this industry, an air pollution control supplier must have an understanding of a wide range of steel making processes and operations. Having the ability to apply air pollution control techniques to the many air pollution sources in this industry requires a great amount of experience and know-how. Menardi has been serving the integrated steel industry for over 50 years and has consistently provided the most efficient and cost-effective filtration products.

Lead Smelting

Processing of lead is a very sensitive subject with the EPA, who heavily regulate this industry. Menardi has consistently met the challenge to control emissions for the Lead Industry. Our products, such as Mikrotex® PTFE membrane, felt and woven aramid and acrylic, parts, service, and engineering support are all proven and effective tools in the lead producer's arsenal to meet tight regulations.

Steel Recycling

In a competitive worldwide market, the trend over the last decade has been to produce as much as possible in the shortest time possible. To accomplish this, additional chemical and electrical energy has been applied to furnaces, both existing and new. As furnaces become faster and hotter, the air pollution control requirements become more challenging. Air pollution requirements for Mini-Mill melt shops have become stricter in recent years. Menardi has met this challenge consistently by providing the most efficient and cost-effective filtration products.

Zinc Smelting

The Zinc industry as a whole is heavily regulated for particulate emissions as well as various gaseous emissions such as HCL, HF and Sox. The production of non-ferrous metals such as zinc create unique air pollution control challenges. Gas streams range from ambient to over 500° F and may contain high levels of oil, soot, moisture and acids. Particulate to be filtered is often sub micron in size, abrasive and hydroscopic in nature. Menardi has served this industry for over 50 years and has an understanding of how to apply our filters and filtration solutions to these applications.